budget key

  1. Municipality Comparator - develop a tool that will compare between municipalities based on socio-economic, geo and demographic parameters of your choice + funding transferred from the state budget. Use BudgetKey API and LAMAS data (details).

  2. The people behind the NGOs - analyze amutot data to detect connections between organizations based on address, founder names etc (details).


open knesset

  1. Parse text protocols from Knesset committees (details).

  2. NLP - analyze protocols (Hebrew), to identify subjects of discussion etc.


Open public transport

  1. Mobile - develop an app for passengers to report late train and bus arrivals.

  2. Unsupervised ML - detect anomalies in bus trip data, such as late departures, deviation from planned route, unusual delays along the route etc. Data: real-time GPS bus trips (from SIRI)

  3. Web - create a Leaflet map that plots the bus routes.
    Show shape of planed route, stops, other lines that pass at the stop, trip info etc.