What is Hasadna?

Hasadna (הסדנא לידע ציבורי) is a non-profit organization that serves as an incubator for open-data open-source projects, and advocates for open government, transparency and accountability.

Every Monday, Hasadna volunteers meet up to work together to develop web tools that open up government data to the public. Read more about volunteering at Hasadna.

How does CivicHack work?

CivicHack is Hasadna hackathon. It has 2 different tracks:

  1. Challenges Track - challenges are stand-alone problems, designed for a team of 1-5 members to solve within the weekend. You will be scored for technical elegance and creative interpretation. The challenges are open ended and you are encouraged to come up with extra features and analytical insights.

  2. Projects track - projects are on-going, with existing teams that you can join and delve into existing code base. Each project has a list of issues of different complexity levels, from solving bugs to adding features. Projects are a good pick if you can’t stay for the whole weekend, if you find a particular project interesting and if you want to work with a strong team. Or if you’re bored with competitions.

See main page for list of challenges and projects.

The challenges are still in the making and the list will grow as the event approaches.

Do I have to have experience?

The challenges are quite challenging and the projects are real life complex pieces of software. Everyone is going to be working hard, so unfortunately there won’t be designated mentors. It is advised to have some years of work experience in the industry.

You don’t need experience with hackathons or open source.

Can I propose a challenge?

Yes! If you have an open public dataset in mind and interesting question to ask, bring it on.

Check out data.gov.il for inspiration.

Tell us about your idea: mary@hasadna.org.il

How do I join a team?

  1. Come to the preliminary Monday Meetup on 25.3 at Google Campus (not mandatory, but advised).

  2. Hear the intro and meet the people.

  3. Pick a challenge or a project.

  4. Challenges track: start building a team with all those who chose the same challenge.

    Teams can have 1-5 members.

  5. Projects track: join an existing project team.

  6. Take the data/code home and get familiar with it.

  7. Come to the Hackathon and start working.

  8. If you absolutely can’t make it on Monday, it’s possible to start at the Hackathon on Friday, but the challenge you wanted might already have a complete team and not be available.

Yes. We will record the presentations on video. You’ll be able to catch up and join in the middle. However, it’s best to be there from the start.

Can I come for only part of the weekend?

Can I bring kids?

Yes! Little ones of all ages are welcome.

Bring your own games. A babysitter will be there on:

Friday: 14:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00

When &Where?

CityZone Innovation Lab, Park Atidim, Tel Aviv

You can ride a scooter through Hayarkon Park or take an Autotel.

If you need a ride we will organize shared rides to Tel Aviv center.

See the preliminary schedule