Projects Track

We will be working on Hasadna on-going long term projects, and on the new challenges that each project put out for the competition. We will keep adding the challenges on this page. Read more about volunteering at Hasadna.


Dynamic map of road accidents based on LAMAS (למ"ס) database, that helps to identify most dangerous roads and spot a faulty infrastructure, as part of our Vision Zero agenda to eliminate fatal accidents.


open pension

1.6 trillion shekels of our pension savings are managed by pension funds. Is this money working for us and what does it do to the country's economy? Open Pension provides an insight into the investment policy of pension funds, towards more responsible and transparent management.


Budget Key

Explorer the state budget, see how funds are allocated and how the money is spent. Find out what do government offices pay for, which companies they contract and which organizations receive government subsidies. Behind the BudgetKey website is a rich database combining many official data sources.


Open Law book

This is the only open database of the full text of Israeli laws (all amendments included), built on Wikitext platform, and now linked from the Knesset's National Legislation Database.


open knesset

What did our members of Knesset vote for or against? In which committee meetings did they participate? Which legislation did they support? Open Knesset collects this data from the knesset API, and allows a deep analysis of all parliamentary activity.

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Which bus line is always late?

open bus

Why is your bus always late? Which bus lines are the most and least accurate, in which cities and which times of the day? In the OpenBus project we are trying to find it out by analyzing real-time bus trip data from the Ministry of Transportation API.